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Click on the Tax Prep Icon to do your taxes right on line. WINDOMS INCOME TAX PREPARATION         

This is your on-line income tax preparation site. You will be able to do your taxes right on your computer, both federal and state. E-file both your Federal and State return right while you are preparing your tax.
Short Forms and 1040SR are free.
 No pop-ups and no advertising for efile. This is a professional top-of-the-line software by an old well established tax preparation firm. (Over 47 years)
This is where you can do your own taxes simply on line.  If you have a short form, it is free.  If you need addional forms, it is very reasonable.  You can send them directly to IRS and your State and get the refunds directly to your accounts.  Try it, you may like it.  I tried to make it more personal, if you have tax questions, you can call or email me directly.

State returns have a small fee.  You will be able to electronically file it right on line.


Totally Secure and Confidential!

 - Fill out your Income Tax Returns online using the latest tax software
 - Short forms 1040 & 1040SR (Seniors)
 - Calculate your taxes for free
 - Print copies for yourself
 - Makes filing easier & confidential    
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Save money this year with our easy to use software! We provide powerful, secure tax preparation programs for all your tax needs. We have all the tax resources you need to get the taxes done quickly, from easy electronic tax preparation and tax filing, to quick access to tax forms and state-by-state tax information. Our tax preparation program offers a fast, easy tax solution tailored to fit your tax needs.

Make filing your taxes easy on yourself this year!